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Antonio Brown Wife

Who is Antion Brown?

  • Antonio Brown Wife is an American football receiver, free agent, and rapper.
  • Born and raised in Liberty City.
  • Miami, Brown lived and attended high school in Miami, Norland.
  • Brown played college football at Central Michigan University, serving as a punt returner to earn All-American honors in 2008 and 2009.

Antonio Brown Wife Early life:

  • Brown’s grandson of retired Arena Football League star “Touchdown” Eddie Brown is Adrianne Moss.
  • Eddie Brown played wide receiver for the Albany Firebirds and collegiate football for Louisiana Tech.


Miami Norland High School:

  • Brown attended Norland Miami Senior High School in Miami, Florida, where he played football.
  • In football, Brown played running back, quarterback, wide receiver, and punt returner for the Vikings.
  • He was a two-time Class 6A all-state selection and was named North Athlete of the Year at the 2005 Miami-Dade Gridiron Classic.

North Carolina Tech Prep:

  • Brown aspired to go to Florida State University after graduating from school.
  •  He was initially rejected because of his poor academic skills.
  • After he finished his single season at North Carolina Tech Prep, he received a scholarship to play at Florida International University. 
  • Brown then contacted West Virginia’s best receivers coach, Butch Jones.

Professional Career:

  • After Brown entered the 2010 NFL Draft, a lot of elicited agents and scouts projected him as a fifth or sixth-round pick.
  • He was ranked as the 37th-best wide receiver by NFLDraftScout.com and was invited to the NFL combine.
  • Brown attempted to improve his 10, 20, and 40-yard dash times after his performance at Central Michigan.
  • He improved his time in the three performance categories.

Personal Life:

  • Brown is the father of four sons and two daughters.
  • He has three sons and a daughter with Chelsie Kyriss and two other children by two other women.
  • Brown was enrolled in September 2019 for online courses at his alma mater, Central Michigan University.
  • Brown is the cousin of Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Marquise Brown, who was drafted in 2019.

Who is Antonio Brown Wife?

Antonio Brown has been a talking point since last year due to his connection with his 32-year-old girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss.

Chelsie Kyriss:

Chelsie Kyriss is an interior designer, customer service representative, former teacher, and real estate agent.

A Loud rolling festival held in Miami:

NFL Network, free agent Brown, gave a stunning performance at a music festival in Miami.

Shameika Brailsford:

Not only is Antonio involved with Kyriss, but he has also been linked with a few others, including Shameika Brailsford.

  •  However, Antonio has three children with Chelsie Kyriss.
  • Ian Benkovic has been in a non-exclusive relationship with Chelsie Kyriss since 2012.
  • Chelsie Kyris-a, the mother of five children, accused Brown of cheating multiple times.
  • It led them to have a fight and split up in 2019. Some legal suits followed.
  • Antonio apologized for his Instagram post on February 2, calling it his biggest mistake in life.
  • Kyriss criticized him for being a terrible parent and irresponsible spouse.

Who is Chelsi Kyriss:

  • She allegedly met Brown through a familiar friend in 2012, and they finally separated at the end of 2019.
  • In 2020, she ended her relationship by writing on Instagram that we are not together, love.
  • Kyriss had previously worked as a teacher before becoming a customer service representative.

Early Life :

  • Kyriss was born in Springboro, Ohio.
  • Todd and Lynn Kyriss are the names of her parents.
  • Regards to Todd oversees operations at Elite Sportswear, Pennsylvania.
  • In addition to her twin brother, Kyriss also has another brother, Christopher Kyriss.
  • Her name is Chelsie, and she was raised with her brother in Springboro.


Kyriss attended Springboro High School and then transferred to Sinclair Community College.

She graduated in 2010.

University Perimeter College:

Likewise, she has also enrolled at Georgia State University Perimeter College. Consequently, she has gotten a Bachelor s degree.

Chelsi Kyriss Professional Life:

  • She began working as a marketing logistics expert while she was in college.
  • Her job as a sales manager started as early as 2009.
  • Then, she became an associate teacher at an Adventures Through Learning daycare center.

Explore Talent:

  • Kyriss aspired to be a model early in life and even tried a modeling job at an agency called Explore Talent.
  • She submitted her portfolio at that place. 
  • Her goal remained dark despite getting no offers from modeling campaigns.

Bakers Footwear Group:

  • After the trade show in 2010, She began working as the Baker’s Footwear Group store assistant manager.
  • She was promoted after serving nearly two years in that position.
  • Furthermore, she has delegated manager at the retail shop later that year.

Wilton Brands Inc:

After two years, she was employed as a customer representative at Wilton Brands Inc. Consequently, she excelled.

Antonio Brown and Chelsie Kyriss’ Children:

The girlfriend of the National Basketball Association MVP, Kyriss, has five children altogether.

  • Two are from her previous relationships, Kellen Green and Brooklyn Green.
  • And she also has three children with Anotonio, Antony in 2014, Ali in 2015, and Apollo in 2017.

Antonio Brown wife: What happened? 

Jena Frumes: 

  • One of the most extended connections was fraught with difficulties and obstacles for Antonio and Chelsie’s relationship. Brown allegedly dated Jena Frumes in 2017.
  • During that period, Kyrisis was pregnant with their third child.
  • Chelsie left Antonio supposedly because the allegation against him surfaced.
  • Consequently, the couple separated for a short time. Later, Jena and Antonio’s relationship ended, but they later reconciled.
  • The couple split in early 2020. Antonio further fueled the rumor by tweeting, No more white woman 2020.

The cheating allegations filed against Kyriss:

Antonio accused Kyriss of cheating, but Chelsie did not offer Antonio’s accusations the justice he deserved.

  • Besides, Chelsie reprimanded Antonio by calling him a lousy father and an incompetent partner.
  • Kyriss has posted several allegations against Brown on her social media.
  • She had dragged the attention of the press. 
  • Chelsie could not keep quiet, seeing all her ex-partner’s accusations put on her.
  • Antonio’s former girlfriend refused to vacate her house after their separation.
  • In contrast to that, Kyriss filed a case against Antonio. She demanded that Brown bear responsibility for the children and primary custody.
  • The mother of 5 writes that he needs mental therapy as well. In February, Antonio informed Chelsie through an Instagram picture.

Chelsie Kyriss Net Worth:

She did some marketing work before becoming a manager. She said when she was in a relationship with Brown, she stopped working for Meditation Desk.

  • Brown gifted Brown a Porsche in January 2019.
  • Brown has a net worth of $25 million.
  • Antonio also had annual earnings of $17 million in 2019.

Did Jena Frumes become Antonio Brown’s wife? 

  • Jena Frumes was an ex-boyfriend of Brown in 2017.
  • Jena is an American model, actress, and Instagram influencer with a net value estimated at roughly $250,000.
  •  Furthermore, she is currently dating Jason Derulo, a famous singer.

Wild rice Jackson was Antonio Brown’s wife:

  • Antonio was not married to Wiltrice Jackson, but one of his children was.
  • The couple has had several bitter disputes, including legal negotiations over custody.

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