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Mallory Beach Death

Mallory Beach was only 19 years old when the tragic boat accident happened in February 2019. She was going to school to become an interior designer and resided in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Become A Interior Designer

Before the accident, she was only nineteen at the time of the tragic boating accident in 2019, and she had reportedly worked as a textile designer in Beaufort, South Carolina. She graduated from Wade Hampton High School and chose to work as an interior designer. Her family says she had dreams of becoming an interior designer.

An Unfortunate Night

On February 23, 2019, Mallory and Anthony planned to spend a Saturday night at a house party and oyster roast on Paukie Island with their friends: Anthony’s cousin, Connor Cook, and Connor’s girlfriend, Miley Altman. They decided to meet first at “Murdaugh Island,” a property owned by the family of their friend Paul Murdaugh. Since Paul and his then girlfriend, Morgan Doughty, were away at the time of the party, Mallory and Anthony did not attend it.

Alcohol Run

On February 23, 2019, investigators claimed Paul, Connor, Anthony, Mallory, Morgan, and Miley were all underage and drinking alcoholic beverages in the region of Murdaugh’s boat. 

 He used the identification information of In this video image taken from the security camera footage, it is evident Paul Murdaugh is happy that he successfully purchased alcohol. Moments later,Paul can be seen loading the cooler into the boat.

In this security camera video,Paul Murdaugh can be seen celebrating that his purchase was completed. Seconds later, Paul capriciously stuffed the cooler into his boat.

How the Party Start:

This security camera footage depicts Paul Murdaugh happily consuming alcohol, as reporter Michael DeWitt of The Hampton County Guardian has explained. Paul subsequently lifts the cooler onto the boat’s deck, placing it into the open hatch. Law enforcement officials think that Anthony, Mallory, Paul, Morgan, and Connor, the party’s founders, would have disembarked at around 6 p.m. on the river house of the Murdaugh family. Miley indicated that the group left the river house at about 7 p.m. In her interview with police, Miley stated they arrived at the party, where they spent several eventful hours. Around midnight, she said that authorities confiscated a computer, a television, a guitar, and various electronic devices.

Taking their Shots

Plats from the boat’s GPS display situated the ship at the dock at about where 12:45 a.m. Detectives note Paul and Connor took the boat to a riverside bar and had two rounds of shots. Connor subsequently testified that he used a fake ID card to enter the bar, while Paul attested that he used his brother Buster’s ID. Surveillance footage captures the two at the bar, at left while the rest of the gang went to other parties.

The Last Ride

Investigators say that Paul and Connor reconvened with their friends shortly after 1 a.m. and returned to their boat.

Boat speed uncontrolled

As Miley informed the officers, some members started quarreling with Paul after he allegedly started driving in circles and acting drunk. Miley told authorities that Anthony requested Paul to let him out at a nearby dock, but Paul refused. Morgan later testified that Paul kept leaving the wheel to fight with her, and she said Mallory was afraid. Investigators would recall that the onboard intoxicated narrator Paul assured the group his appraisement of the boat was manageable while lacking any direction.

Boat Crashed

At approximately 2:20 a.m., the boat crashed into the Archer’s Creek Bridge. Mallory was thrown out into the water at the foot of the Bridge. Connor called for help and called the authorities. First responders immediately began searching for Mallory.

Sheriff Stephen Domino arrived.

The Beaufort Area Deputy Sheriff Stephen Domino arrived first, and his dash cam video documenting the scene was shown on “48 Hours” later. He reported that the summer before that, Anthony, pictured here, was distraught and pacing from the scene of a helicopter crash. Domino calmed Anthony down and asked him to sit in his patrol car. When Paul Murdaugh came down from the boat, individuals are pictured here, Anthony grew agitated again.

Investigators also photographed the damage to the boat.

What happened In The Hospital :

Only Malloryís passenger, Anthony, was able to refuse medical care. Claire,Connor,and Paul were taken to the hospital, except for David, who wanted to continue working, so medical personnel could not draw his blood sample. Upon reflection, David was uncooperative with the hospital staff. Paul resisted treatment and was subjected to extraordinary measures to prevent him from bleeding to death. Furthermore, Paul’s blood alcohol content (BAC) was .24, three times above the legal limit.

Searching For Mallory Body

Using rescue boats, divers, and a helicopter, investigators and volunteers spent eight days searching for Mallory Beach. On March 3, 2019, 2 volunteers located Mallory’s body about five miles down the river from the crash scene.

Criminal Charges

On April 18, 2019, having not even reached Mallory’s twentieth birthday, Paul Murdaugh was indicted and charged with three felony counts of boating under the influence, including one boating under the influence causing the death of another person and two counts of a debilitating injury to others. He pleaded not guilty to all the charges and was on bail awaiting trial. 

Paul’s lawsuit against the Muldaughs was dropped.

The Mallory family’s wrongful death lawsuit was an opportunity to question the deceased survivors a month after the accident, which had happened at Mallory Beach, due to the accumulated complaints that Paul Murdaugh was charged with and convicted of under the boating under the influence laws.

Mallory’s murderer was never tried in court.

Facing trial, Paul Murdaugh was charged with murder, but he could never go to trial because he was dead within a year of the boating accident. Arrested with his mother, Maggie, the accused, and his father, Alex Murdaugh, were found dead of gunshot wounds in one of their residences. The father was charged with the murders and other crimes, including financial fraud, the following year. On June 7, 2021, Paul was murdered alongside his mother, Maggie, at one of the Murdaugh’s properties. Alex Murdaugh told 911 he had returned and discovered they were both dead. Alex Murdaugh was charged with the murder of his wife and son on July 15, 2022. After Paul’s death, the charges against Alex Murdaugh were dropped.

Mallory Beach’s aunt 

Lynn Reavis said Mallory’s family believes that Paul Murdaugh was driving the boat at the time of the accident. “With Paul not being here now, I don’t think my niece, Mallory, will get justice,” Lynn said. “Because with both of them being deceased, it just ended. The case ended. All I ever wanted was for him to get on the stand and say, ‘I’m sorry.’ That’s all I ever wanted to hear.”

 “Mal’s Palz” 

Mallory Beach’s aunt says that Mallory Beach’s nephew liked animals, particularly canines. A memorial charity was opened to commemorate his memory. “Mal’s Palz” is raising money to create a canine rescue shelter in Hampton County, South Carolina.


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