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Patricia Hansen

Patricia Hansen American model and actress (born March 17, 1956).

Patricia Alvine Hansen


Patricia  Hansen, March 17, 1956 (age 66) in New York City, U.S.

She is an American actress best known for They All Laughed (1981), Rich Kids (1979), and Hard to Hold (1984). Family:

She married Keith Richards from December 18, 1983, to 2017.

They have two daughters.


A scout for the Wilhelmina modeling agency discovered her at a Staten Island hot dog stand when she was a teenager. Daughters of Keith Richards, Theodora Richards, and Alexandra Richards. Graduated from Tottenville High School (Staten Island, New York). Hansen moved to New York City, studied at the Professional Children’s School, and started getting modeling jobs.

Modeling career

Hansen’s modeling career included magazine appearances and photos of her on the front covers and faces of U.S. Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Harper’s Bazaar. She also appeared in campaigns for Calvin Klein, Revlon, Versace, and Andr s Courr ges.

On the cover of Esquire magazine: Hansen appeared on the December 1978 cover, celebrating “The Year of the Lusty Woman.”.

Acting career:

In the 1970s, Hansen retired from modeling. She appeared in only three feature films, such as the 1981 romantic comedy They All Laughed and the 1983 movie Hard to Hold, directed by Larry Peerce and starring Rick Springfield.

In 1993, Hansen returned to fashion modeling when Calvin Klein used 1970s-era models for his 1993 clothing line.

In November 1999, She was featured on the cover of Vogue’s November 1999 issue with the caption “Modern Muses.

 In 2004, Hansen was employed as a model for various Bandai Namco video games.

Keith Richards’ relation to model Patti Hansen:

 when he saw the American model dancing at the Studio 54 nightclub, Keith Richards fell in love.

The specialty the couple shared once more got in touch with their love story and life together shortly after that. Since then, there have been a couple, Ted and Elizabeth, with two daughters and five grandchildren. “There’s no sense in struggling with the world,” she advised Esquire. Which of these generations was dominant was primary since it was family that counted the most.

Richards and Hansen first met:

Richards and Hansen met in 1979, and he was immediately swoopy for her. “I was set up to see her, but it worked. I did not know if she knew she was set up to see me,” he told Vanity Fair in an interview. When I saw Patti, I looked at her and said, “Hello; something is about to happen to me.”

Richards proposed to Patricia Hansen:

Richards proposed to Hansen in Cabo San Lucas in 1983, and Hansen immediately accepted his proposal. About Harper’s Bazaar, the musician claimed, “She broke his back in the instant she accepted.

Hansen, now in his 70s and 60s, labels them “the ultimate old married couple.” What has kept them together for so long? “I guess we’ve beaten what takes most other people out,” Hansen said.

Has Keith Richards been married to anyone?

The couple had two children named Marlon and Angela. Keith Richards met model Patti Hansen in 1981 at the iconic Studio 54 nightclub. He was fresh off a broken relationship with Anita and fell into Patti’s arms. Keith currently resides in the entity for 38 happy years thus far.

Anita Pallenberg’s reported 14-year sobriety made the New York Times in 2014. Keith and Anita stuck together until Pallenberg passed the following year.

Celebrating 39th Wedding Anniversary:

Keith Richards and Patti Hansen jointly celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary. The couple that met thirty-five years ago recently celebrated the anniversary of rekindling their romance by recreating their first kiss, which happened on Sunday, in that same outfit that Hansen wore when the romantic evening occurred three decades earlier. Theodora, the couple’s 37-year-old daughter, posted this photograph of a particular time on Instagram, acknowledging her parents’ wedding anniversary.

The Rolling Stones guitarist turned 79 years old on this day, as the following may sound like a press release. She stated, Thanks to the love and care of my family, I had no trouble overcoming my problems.

Patricia Hansen illness:

The Former supermodel and Studio 54 regular Patti discovered this event firsthand in 2005 when she had a mammogram and found a sick nodule in her breast. The reality hit her hard. I was, like, Okay. That’s just what I used to be. After a biopsy showed the results of her cancer, Patti’s doctor advised a lumpectomy.

A year later, Patti detected blood in her urine. In a month, doctors discovered a growth in her bladder, and she underwent chemotherapy. Three months after that, she had her bladder removed and a new one fashioned from the center of her intestine.

Breast Cancer:

Patti arrived at the Chatelaine shoot for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer in a style that brings to mind Stud Muffin’s 1993 concert in dark-brown pants that at first resemble jeans but are, of course, leather and a slouchy V-neck sweater. She was wonderfully calm and hot, greeting everyone with a smile. She still retains that picture-perfect image of the quintessential all-American beauty: tall, athletic, tanned, and freckled. He laments her glory days of modeling, when the renowned fashion photographers Arthur Elgort, Helmut Newton, Patrick Demarchelier, and Richard Avedon were snapping photographs of her Amazonian appearance when she was only 5’9″ and 130 pounds.

Gayle As she told Vogue, I was busting out of those clothes. The Vogue editors would say, Oh no! The collections are t fitting, Patti! I never wore flats: the higher the heel, the better.

Chemo side effects:

I was preparing myself to endure it. I accompanied Theodora to a patch of hair replacement, looked at her, and just burst into tears. It’s a significant thing for a woman. I am fascinated with putting on costumes every New Year’s Eve, so I decided to give it a chance. However, it was a colossal mistake and a heavy moment.

Patti fights cancer by choosing bold new endeavors, no longer concerned with another old project. Two of my young daughters subsequently unearthed my bag of clothes the late friend was worried about, and they also wore it. I was dismayed and observed, “Wow, that looks terrific.”

Patricia Hansen as an inspired woman:

Patti leads the charge of inspiring women to discuss cancer with an allied task. I say, ” cancer ” is scary enough, ” says Alexandra. I think it requires talking about a monster you’re going to attack.

She credits her dog with helping her get through cancer.

Hanson’s fearsome legal battle recently lasted six months, and it was a long and challenging process. To struggle through it, she and her husband, the famous people Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, leaned on her two daughters and other family members. They also relied on the love and care of two Jack Russell terriers, Sugar and Etta.

These dogs lifted me, Hansen, who is now cancer free, told People. The two of us alone with these girls took a great deal of attention.  These dogs lifted me, Hansen, who is now cancer free, told People. The two of us alone with these girls took a great deal of attention.

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