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Who is Summer Wells, and when did she go missing

It has been ten months since an AMBER Alert was issued in Tennessee for 5-year-old Summer Moon-Utah Wells. Her parents reported her missing the night of Tuesday, June 15, when she vanished without a trace from their home in Hawkins County, a rural area of Northeast Tennessee. Image sources, including family members, law enforcement, and investigators, have a glimpse of some of the stories associated with the missing child.

Summer Moon-Utah Wells

Missing from home on the Ben Hill Road of the Beech Creek Community on Tuesday night was 5-year-old Summer Rogersville, daughter of the parents of her identical name.

 Summer is three feet tall and has blonde hair that is short and blue eyes. It seems like Sommer loved playing princess but was a tomboy as the season ages. Her mom expressed her deep respect for Sommer as well.

Donald Wells: Summer’s father

The official revealed that Wells had spoken with reporters on June 18, detailing what he had learned from his wife, Candus Bly, regarding what their daughter, Maxine,did before disappearing. Wells said she was planting flowers with her mother and grandmother and spent half an hour outside before going into her home.

Summer Wells believes his daughter may have been kidnapped.

Wells is blaming and certainly has no idea who was behind the abduction. The FBI and the police have thoroughly covered every possible place, so Wells said that they covered everything even though they’re aware that even the most horrible individuals are incapable of anything like kidnapping. Between a May and June 28 interview, Lewis stated he was confident that Summer was abducted. He fears that Lewis is being tormented somewhere.The Hawkins County Circuit Court, Clerk s Office, recognized that Wells pled guilty to illegally possessing a firearm,

Candus Bly: Summer’s mother

On June 28, Bly revealed to which of her daughter’s disappearances she was referring for the first time via video, two weeks after Summer was first discovered to be missing. I and my mother and her were digging around for plants, and we went inside after we got our muddy hands scrubbed, and [Summer] received a sweet treat from her grandmother, Bly said. [Summer] wanted to go back and see her brother, and I said, OK, go ahead.

Bly has asserted she is confident Summer hasn’t departed their home, and I believe in my heart that someone of that nature could have risen here and taken her, has subtly trapped her out here. She said she feels afraid someone will harm her child. Whoever possesses Summer, please take care and trust that they do not waste their time and effort and bring her back to us safe and sound. Bly says she, Summer, hopes and hopes that they have not harmed her and bring her back to the abode safe and sound.

Candus Harer: Summer’s grandmother

Harer was also planting flowers with Summer.

Josie, Wyatt, and Waylon: Summer’s brothers

Josie (12), Wyatt (11), and Waylon (9) were in the house the night of June 15, according to their mother. Bly said she played outside with her brothers often, especially Waylon. He misses his sister so much because he was with her all the time during his time away, said Bly. He was one of her favorites. When Bly had her June 28 interview, she said that the last few weeks had been devastating.


Investigators in Summer Wells search

Leslie Earhart: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

 During media briefings, she has revealed the unresolved circumstances where Summer disappeared. On June 24, during a news briefing, she remarked that it was inappropriate to show all details. Since the interests of an investigation protocol required that such information not be disclosed, she deemed it unfit.

Tim Coup: Incident Commander

The Incident Commander of Ground Team Search is Captain Tim Coup of the Ground Search Incident Commander in Summer Wells. In a June 27 press release, Coup stated crews had reduced the search operation..

Ronnie Lawson: Hawkins County Sheriff

At a public briefing on June 24, give the sheriff of Hawkins County the latest news regarding the search and the psychological, emotional, and physical toll it had taken on his team. Still, they have decided to stay in the water to search for Summer. We will find Summer. On the same occasion, the sheriff underscored the importance of approaching authorities with important information and not relying excessively on social media; I know there’s much social media cooperation.

‘Potential Witness’

Investigators are still searching for the red or maroon Toyota Tacoma truck driver, which contains a complete roof rack, a few inches from the area when Summer vanished. Although the TBI states that the driver is a potential witness, not a suspect, the pickup is probably a 1998-2000 red or maroon Toyota Tacoma truck with a white roof rack and sharp white buckets in the truck bed.

Summer Wells disappearance: Father pens letter to ‘kidnappers.’

Well, who is currently in custody for violating probation for charges unrelated to his daughter’s disappearance, released a letter on Tuesday that reads,”To the person,or persons responsible…”

The letter reads:

“To the person or persons responsible for kidnapping Summer, not only have you broken Summer’s heart and taken her away from her mother and father, who love her very much, but you ruined her chances to become educated, ruining her life. 

“You have also broken the hearts of her father, mother, and brothers and, amid all the commotion, ruined our lives. You see, the public blames us. I’d like to know if we’ll ever find employment again.  We may end up losing everything. 

“When you took our little girl, you took our very lives. 

“Why don’t you give our little girl back before God’s wrath descends on you? 

“You’ve broken many hearts and more, especially an innocent 5-year-old girl’s heart. One day, God will hold you accountable for this crime unless you do something to make this right. 

“Please, do the right thing, and turn our daughter over to the authorities.

A year without Summer: June 15 marks the first anniversary of Summer Wells’s disappearance

On Wednesday, June 15, 2017, it is precisely one year since Summer Wells was last seen at her Beech Creek, West Virginia home. The disappearance of Wells, identified as a fiveyear-old girl, rocked the nation and prompted celebrities such as Dr. Phil and John Walsh to claim they had been in contact with the perpetrator. At the same time, amateur investigators began to post videos of sixth sense sensations online.

One Year Later, Searcher Reflects on Summer Wells Case

More than 120 teams, including Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office members, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and the Church Hill Rescue Squad, searched a wide area close to her family’s Beech Creek home for 13 days.Now one year later, the house remains without any signs of life. The driveway parallel to the house has erodedNear the hill’s peak, you step on the remains of a naked doll. The yard is full of old vehicles and miscellaneous waste.

The victims of the search efforts were set apart from the intensive scientific environment of the rainforest due to the dense and steep ground, which was a challenge from the start of the search operations. The operation required specialized teams, including K-9, helicopters,fixed-wing drones,and divers.


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